Canoes and Rafting In Brief

How to Spice Up Your Vacation with Canoes and Rafting

If you are planning for your vacation, it is time to spice up things by doing something out of the ordinary. While it is all nice to head to the beach every other year, this will eventually become more of a routine than relaxation. If you really want to enjoy your vacation, it is time to try out something new for the entire family. Canoes and rafting will give your vacation that spark to make it more memorable.

Canoes and Rafting In Brief

Canoes/kano are traditional by nature and in fact, they are among the first water vessels built by man. They were traditionally dug out from wood and while other materials such as fiberglass and aluminum are used today, the design remains largely unchanged.

A canoe/kayaking (kajakk) allows you to wrestle with nature and to get the most out of your experience, you need to choose a challenging river course. There are different canoes depending on the use including river tripping craft, wilderness tripping canoes, whitewater canoes, racing canoes, expedition(tørrdrakter) canoes among others.

Rafting is also a fun outdoor activity especially for a group. If you are vacationing with family, rafting is a good idea to keep everyone psyched up. It is a challenging spot requiring intense coordination of body and mind. You can go for an all-paddle or oar raft, motor raft among other options.

Choosing Canoes and Rafting Craft

The type of watercraft you choose depends on your level of rafting skills and the number of people on the raft. If you are highly skilled in watercraft, you don’t require a guide though for family, it is advisable to use a guide’s expertise. Before heading out, make sure you understand all safety precautions and ensure everyone is in full safety gear.

Choosing Canoes and Rafting Spots

Every river course is unique and what you experience on the Green River will not be the similar to Great Canyon’s rafting. It is important to try top rafting destinations in order to hone your skills over time. There is much more fun trying out spots described as the best including Yampee River, San Juan River, Salmon’s river, Rogue River, Indian River Canoe trail, Wambaw Creek Wilderness Canoe Trail , Clearwater River Canoe Trail to mention but a few.

In the range of outdoor activities Canoes and rafting are way up the list. These are two sports that demand the best from you and you will come back from your vacation in great shape. Go on and give it a try.